Windows Phone 7 is a big disappointment

by pcchan on Oct.17, 2010, under Products to avoid, Tech company misbehaving

The more I read about Windows Phone 7 the worse it looks. Instead of building on their strengths and just fixing what was broken they are abandoning all the good features from the previous Windows Mobile to just offer a subset of what Apple has. It’s as if they just decided to take the “if you can’t beat them join them” approach. Sadly in a market dominated by Apple, Androids, and Blackberrys there’s simply no room for an “Apple imitator”.

As much as I like Android for the GUI and Flash 10.1 capabilities I was waiting for Windows Phone 7 because I thought it would allow me to sync with my desktop outlook which is the one thing I refuse to give up (and based on online discussions I’m not the only one). Turns out stupid Microsoft decided to drop Outlook ActiveSync support for Windows Phone 7! That was one of their biggest advantages and the only thing that they do better than anyone else! I don’t know what idiot is running their mobile division these days but that is really a stupid decision. Combine this with the removal of user-accessible micro SD cards, no multitasking, and locking out non-market apps it is obvious that Microsoft is going after the same market segment as the Apple iPhone at the expense of the existing Windows Mobile user base. Sure they may be able to attract some of that Apple market segment but I predict that most of the people in that group will stay with Apple. With the exception of Xbox Live support and possible Flash support (that’s a big IF since MS is still trying to push Silverlight), the very limited Windows Phone 7 platform simply don’t offer anything that is better than the iPhone (in fact in many cases it is worse). Meanwhile they are alienating the existing Windows Mobile users who value seamless sync with their desktop Outlook and Office, true multitasking, unlimited GUI customization, and all the favorite apps they’ve collected over the years. Most of those people will end up going over to Android so at the end Microsoft will end up with even less users for their new Windows Phone 7 than they had with the previous Windows Mobile platform. Sad.


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